If you are a resident or thinking of becoming a resident please find valuable contact information below

Please contact the estate office on 01229 813301 or email detailing the following; nature of problem (ideally a photo or two), idea of urgency, convenient time for us to call you or come and inspect, your name and property also if you are happy for us to pass you contact detail to our trusted and inducted contractors who will help fix the problem.

An emergency is something which will have affect to a tenant or third parties health, safety or security.

Examples of an emergency include;

Complete failure of central heating and hot water.  Before calling please ensure the boiler is turned on and that a fault is not being caused by local network gas or power outages.

Complete loss of water supply, before calling please check with your water supplier that they have not shut the supply off. The water company in this area is United Utilities –

A large water leak which can not be contained for 24 hours.

A Gas leak. Please call the emergency number below.

Loss of power.  Please check that all the switches in the fuse board are set to the ‘on’ position and that Electricity Northwest has not shut the local grid power network down before calling.

This should be paid in full and on time in accordance with your tenancy agreement. Payment methods accepted are:


Our preferred payment method and please contact the estate office for details if you don’t already have one set up. This is the most efficient and convenient method to pay your rent.


Payments can be made at the estate office or over the phone, please call 01229 913301.


Please contact the estate office for further details

We do not accept any cash payments.

Rent arrears are treated seriously by the landlord if you know that you are going to have difficulty in paying your rent or have received a letter from us regarding rent arrears please contact the estate office on 01229 813301.