Devonshire Buildings

Terms & Conditions of Occupation

No furniture or other goods or articles are to be left on staircase or landings.

All rubbish shall be disposed of in the metal bins on the pavement in front of the building for collection.

There should be no loud noise produced in the apartment between 11 pm and 8 am on any day or at any time on Sundays and Public Holidays.

No pets are permitted to be kept in the apartment without prior written consent.

No exterior television aerial or satellite dish should be erected on the building.

No internal redecoration, alterations or work is to be carried out on the apartment without the landlord’s prior approval in writing.

Pictures must only be hung using proper picture hooks and any damage to walls must be made good at the end of the tenancy.

When the tenancy starts you will need to contact the Council to inform them that you are responsible for the Council Tax and the utility companies to put the gas, electric and water into your names. Details of the utility companies will be provided in a welcome letter. You may also need to contact the council regarding the local housing allowance if appropriate.

You will need to contact BT to establish a telephone connection and inform us of the new telephone number.

You are required to insure the contents of the apartment.

When the tenancy ends you will need to provide a forwarding address and return the keys to The Estate Office upon vacation.