Devonshire Buildings



Other Charges That you May Have to Pay

If during your tenancy there is rent or other amounts outstanding then you will be charged an interest rate of 8% per annum which will be charged monthly in arrears.

If your bank returns a cheque or standing order unpaid, you must pay a £20 administration fee.

The rent is to be paid by direct debit which is free. If you choose to pay your monthly rent by cheque, cash or postal order, there will be a processing fee of £3 per month.

Tenants are responsible for the payment of council tax and all utilities relating to the property for the full period of their occupation.

Tenancy Duration

The majority of residential tenancies are offered on a six month agreement which thereafter will roll over on a month to month basis. Beyond the initial six month period, if you wish to terminate your tenancy agreement you will need to give one month's notice in writing. Should you therefore wish to terminate your tenancy agreement early then you will be liable for any rent foregone until a new tenant occupies the property.

Repairs & Maintenance

The Landlord is obliged to repair the structure and exterior of the premises and to keep the installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity, sanitation, space heating and heating water in repair and proper working order. All faults must be reported in writing or in person to The Estate Office.

Our Emergency telephone number is 07794 663793.

The tenant is obliged to keep the interior of the premises in good repair and condition and to repair or replace tap washers, electrical sockets, switches, bulb holders, bath and basin plugs, door or window locks, door latches or glass panes which become broken or damaged.

Please refer to the Standard AST Agreement for full details of the tenant's obligations. This can be downloaded here.

Should you have any queries relating to properties at Devonshire Buildings or require assistance in completing the application form then please contact The Estate Office.