Devonshire Buildings

Major refurbishment project at Devonshire Buildings

We have been undertaking the complete refurbishment of Devonshire Buildings over a period of five years. The work involves renewing the concrete balconies of the stairwells, refurbishing and insulating the windows, repairing the exterior stonework, chimneys and gutters. The apartments themselves are all being brought up to a high standard with gas central heating, new kitchens and new bathrooms.

The work was phased over five years. The first phase, involving Closes 10 and 11, was completed in 2010 and was a great success. Phase 2 involves Closes 12 – 14 and has seen the whole of the building adjoining Buxton Street refurbished. This was completed in September 2011 and work has now moved onto the building adjoining Ship Street. Phase 3 of the project, was completed in June 2012 with Phase 4 completed in August 2013. The final stage, Phase 5, of the project has been completed and is now reqady to let. There will be a number of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments from this phase available from this date along with others that have become available during the 5 year refurbishment plan.. Any interested parties please contact Kelsey Johnson at the Estate office on 01229 813301 or Poole Townsend on 01229 467565.