Devonshire Buildings


Devonshire Buildings has been in the ownership of the Cavendish family for many years. They are part of the Holker Estate which extends from the Cartmel peninsula to Barrow-in-Furness. The estate incorporates many diverse businesses, of which property lettings is a core part.

There are two buildings comprising 112 residential apartments in total, as well as the Estate Office, a cafe and a pub, called the Devonshire Hotel. For more information on the history of the buildings refer to the History page.

The buildings did fall into disrepair towards the end of the last century, largely as result of the nature of their construction. The buildings are made from sandstone which makes them susceptible to erosion by the wind and rain. The stairwells were originally constructed from concrete using aggregate from nearby beaches with steel reinforcements set in the concrete. Unfortunately over the years the steel has corroded and caused the concrete to break up. We are now in the process of installing external steel frames and renewing the concrete balconies which will ensure that the buildings have a useful life long into the future. This is part of a broader refurbishment project to bring the apartments up to a high standard of living accommodation.

The Cavendish family have a great affection for Barrow Island and are happy to invest in refurbishing Devonshire Buildings. We hope that they will provide safe and comfortable homes for many years to come.